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You are visiting Colchester and you'd like to do a sightseeing Tour tour through Britain‘s oldest recorded town in a sportive and time efficient manner?

Experience a guided Colchester Sightseeing tour which takes you through the town with numerous sights while your personal guide informs you about all the highlights. 

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The Tour Highlights

  • St. Botolph's Priory
  • East Street and East Hill
  • The Old Siege House
  • Colchester Park
  • Roman Wall
  • Balkerne Gate
  • Jumbo Water Tower and North Hill
  • Riverside Cottages
  • The Dutch Quarter
  • Trinity Street, Town Hall
  • Colchester Castle

What the press writes about us

July 2011 Issue - Tourist Trot - Runner's World Magazine

Runner's World Cover July 2011  

1st September 2010 - Colchester Sightseeing running tour in the Colchester Gazette  

Colchester Sightrunning Colchester Gazette

7th February 2011 - Colchester Sightrunning in TNT Magazine

Colchester Sightrunning featured in Runner's World, TNT Magazine, Colchester Gazette and Essex County Standard etc

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